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Uniting in friendship and celebration of Scottish Heritage.

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Come to our Scottish dinners, participate in our events, get involved with Tartan Day or the International Gathering of the Clans in Nova Scotia.

The Mighty Oak  - Newsletter

Our newsletter is prepared quarterly by Jean MacKaracher-Watson our founder and first President. She includes stories of the past and present, pictures and event listings, traditional Scottish recipes or member favorites.

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You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. We try to to keep up-to-date to attract our youth. Insights into our heritage of yesterday and activities of today are meant to educate and inform members or future members of Scottish Culture.
Upcoming Events
June   - Clan Lamont Society of Canada "Memorial Day Service" for all who have fallen in battles will be at
Fultz House Museum, Lower Sackville.  Contact Jean MacKarcher-Watson attending.  March off at 11:00 a.m.

June   - Due to poor weather the Battle of Culloden Memorial Service will be  at Knoydart,  near Lismore,
Pictou County at 10:45 a.m.  March off 11:00 am

June 29  - July  6, Royal Nova Scotia International Tatoo,  Scotiabank Center

July 1 - Festival of Tartans, Pugwash.

July 2 - 9, Antigonish Highland Games

July 13 - 16, Festival of  the Tartans in New Glasgow

August 6 -  Earltown: Scottish Gathering at Sugar Moon Farm

Sept. 9  Colchester Highland Games, Jennifer Dr. Balls Fields Bible Hill

Sept. 13 - 17, Halifax Celtic Festival, Halifax Forum

Oct. 28,  Festival of Samhain, St. Peter's Church Halifax at 6 pm

Oct.  - Clan Stewart Society General meeting

Nov. 30, St. Andrew's Dinner, St. John The Evangelist Church Hall, Lower Sackville

Nov.  - AGM for Federation of Scottish Culture in Nova Scotia

Dec.    - AGM and Clan Stewart Christmas Gathering at China Town Resturant, Bedford
2017   Summer/Fall Events

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Individual Membership $15  a year
Family Membership $20 a year

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